Policenauts [Konami]

About this game:​

The game centers on Jonathan Ingram, one of the five "Policenauts", astronauts with police training, assigned to ensure the safety of Beyond Coast, mankind's first fully-functional space colony in the year 2013. A freak accident occurs while testing a new space walking suit and Jonathan is drifted away into space and is presumed dead by his colleagues. He is found alive and well nearly 25 years later thanks to the cold-sleep module connected to the suit.

Three years later, Jonathan (now a private investigator working in the former Los Angeles) is visited by his former wife, Lorraine. She asks for Jonathan's help in solving the disappearance of her current husband, Kenzo Hojo, the only clues he left behind being a torn leaf, a set of capsules, and the word "Plato". Jonathan is reluctant to take her case at first. However, after Lorraine leaves his office, she is attacked and murdered by a man in a black motorcycle suit. Jonathan, unable to catch the culprit, decides to fulfill his ex-wife's final request and travels to Beyond. There he is reunited with his former partner from his LAPD days, Ed Brown, who agrees to help Jonathan investigate the circumstances surrounding Hojo's disappearance and Lorraine's murder.​

Title: Policenauts
Original Title: ポリスノーツ
VNDB: Policenauts
Developer/Publisher: Konami
Translator: The Policenauts Translation Project
Length: Medium (10 - 30 hours)
Year: JP 1996-09-13 / EN 2016-10-06 (Original Ver. 1994-07-29)
Censorship: Non-Pornographic
Version: Sega Saturn v1.01 EN Patch
OS: PC/Windows (Emulated)
Language: English
Voiced: Japanese
Genre: Visual Novel, 2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Point & Click, Shooter, Sci-fi, Detective Work, Mechs, No Sexual Content, Adult Themes

Download Game



1- Extract to desired location.
2- Mount ISO 1 (Disk 1) using any of your preferred softwares like Daemon Tools
3- Open SSF.exe (Sega Saturn Emulator) and setup options according to shared .txt and personal taste
4- Launch the game, when required follow instruction to switch ISO 2-3 (Disk 2 and 3) later on.
Information all in the .txt along with possible graphic glitches fix. If you do suffer glitches or the game isn't working, just read the .txt before asking.

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