Virus-Z 2: Shinobi Girl [Smaverick]

About this game:​

A few days have passed since the monsters appeared...
Many people fought... and perished...
In order to cure the virus, a Ninja has been given a special mission
Momo is her name and rescue of the professor is her objective!!

This is a side-scrolling action game which includes erotic scenes.
You can enjoy exciting action packed battles against a myriad of monsters.
There are heroine violation animations for every monster that appears in game.

Updated: 20 / 4 / 17
Developer/Publisher: SMAVERICK
Censorship: Yes
Version: v1.0.3
OS: Windows
Language: Texts are in English & Japanese
Genre: Side-Scrolling, Monsters, Big tits, Pets, Female Protagonist
DLsite: Virus Z 2 [SMAVERICK] | DLsite

Download Game



1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "VirusZ2.exe" to start playing.
3- (Optional) If it doesn't work run with Japanese Local as Admin

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