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Muv-Luv Alternative (MLA): One of the best visual novels ever, according to pretty much everyone. Teenage girls pilot mechas to kill off the aliens trying to wipe out humanity. Multiverses, international political intrigue and assorted forms of sci-fi contribute to the kudzu-like plot. But you need to read ML first to get the full experience.
"A destiny tossed about, in an insane world---
A flame of life blazing forth, in a dying world---
And now, one more future that is spun---
his is the alternative ending unable to be told before:
A very great, a very tiny, a very precious...
Tale of love and courage."

Muv-Luv Alternative continues the story of Shirogane Takeru after the events of the original Muv-Luv. This is a tale of a love so deep it breaks all barriers; about courage in the face of adversity and overcoming hardships. Takeru encounters and conquers insurmountable odds while his entire world is turned upside down around him.

Title Muv-Luv Alternative
Original title マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ
Aliases MLA, Muvluv Alternative
Length Very long (> 50 hours)
VNDB: Muv-Luv Alternative
Links: Muv-Luv - Wikipedia
Developer/Publisher: Age / Amaterasu Translations & Degica
Censorship: No
Version: Muv-Luv Alt - Amaterasu Translations
Note: 2017-09-19 - Muv-Luv Alt - Steam Edition will be reased- but will be "All Ages" - 18+ patch date is not known - Will be uploaded/updated here also
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: adventure, combat, cosplay, fantasy, female protagonist, handjob, humor,
japanese, lesbian, loli, mind control, multiple protagonists, romance, school setting, sci-fi, seduction, slice of life, superpowers, tentacles, vaginal sex, virgin, voyeurism

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Patch Only

For Torrent only!!!
1 - You MUST be in Japanese locale to install and run Muv-Luv Alternative. AppLocale WILL NOT WORK.
2 - Mount MUVLUVALTER.ISO - DAEMON Tools Lite is included with torrent.
3 - The installation process is fairly simple. You have the choice to install from the CDs if the game is not detected on your system, or you can patch over an existing install.
4 - If the patch detects that you are installing the patch for the first time and Vmreg\gdb.uuc already exists, it'll copy the file into the "backup" folder. gdb.uuc contains various things and also contains some information that needs to be changed for the translation. If you want to keep your old gdb.uuc file, copy the gdb.uuc file from the "backup" folder and overwrite it with the one in Vmreg. If you choose to do this, you MUST go to the Text Settings option menu and click the Reset button or else all of the character text will be the wrong color.

For Gdrive and Mega Only!!!
1 - You MUST be in Japanese locale to install and run Muv-Luv Alternative. AppLocale WILL NOT WORK.
2 - Watch - (TUTORIAL) How to install game.mp4 video.
HF_pAppLoc1.1.2 or Locale.Emulator

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