Identity [v0.2.4] [Juicy Drake Studios]


A recent traumatic incident rendered you unable to recall anything prior to it. Memories of your life and origins, everything you loved and cared about, they all went down the drain in an instant. Right now, your only shot at redemption is to find out what truly happened and who did this to you. But beware, as danger often lurks around the corner and can take any form...​

  • Developer/Publisher: Identity
  • Censored: None
  • Version: 0.2.4
  • OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android
  • Language: English
  • Genre:Male Protagonist, 2dcg, Adventure, Furry, Romance, Gay, Domination


1. Extract and run.

Download Game:

PC Android

- New content: Day 4
- Tons of new backgrounds for day 4
- New sprites: Karago, Corvolin, Sybian and Tish
- First music additions made by Sampling Kid:
- Brym's Banger (theme), Water Refractions (VIP lounge), Forest Floor (ambience), crashing/elevator/waterfall/cave sounds (SFX)
- New application icon - goodbye Eileen (not available on Android for now)
- New tutorial and choice strike system
> We recommend starting a new game to see all of the changes

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