Super Yaeko Erotic Action [Final] [Yuuei Studio]


A refreshing hack 'n' slash high speed ero action game starring, what else, a high school girl with a katana! Yaeko lives with her mother. But her mother has fallen ill. If Yaeko can make it to the faraway mountains she might be able to bring home a cure. The path to victory is teeming with dangerous creatures. But the cure is everything. Enjoy five stages across five perilous landscapes. Unleash a combo barrage of wave, shock, teleporttack and other strikes of destruction against 30 enemy types, with a boss lurking at each leg of the journey. The ending of the game will reflect the items you use, with many bonus movies to discover. Compatible with joypad.​

Censored: Yes - Mosaics
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: Japanese
Genre: 2d game, 2dcg, animated, female protagonist, oral sex, vaginal sex, adventure, big tits, combat, creampie, fantasy, groping, monster, platformer, rape, side-scroller, tentacles, voiced


1. Extract and run.

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