Mini School Dungeon [v1.4] [clef777]


It's very simple: you are Lia a girl who has a terrible urge... she has too pee and she has to do it fast or she won't be able ot hold it for long!​

Developer: clef777
Censored: No
Version: 1.4
OS: Windows/Linux
Language: English
Genre: Combat, Exhibitionism, Humiliation , Lesbian, Sexual Harassment, Urination, Multiple Endings


1. Extract and run.


You can navigate using the WASD keys and Q/E for sliding left/right. For everything else (and navigation too) you can use the mouse.

Developer Notes:

It's very short, you should finish it all in less than 15 minutes. Still I think it can be very nice.
The game is "complete" or in its "final version". So it has an ending and everything.
Of course there is some "hentai" content. But not much, I mean it's a 15 minutes long game.

I hope you have some fun with it.
And if someone wants to use the code/change the game feel free to do it.

Download Game:



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