Libra of the Vampire Princess [Onomatope*]

About this game:​

Kusanagi Shuuma is just an ordinary boy... Until the day he is suddenly abducted by a mysterious girl named Iris. She reveals to him a hidden secret about his birth... Coursing through his veins, Shuuma has a special kind of blood – vampire blood passed down from his progenitors. Iris is known as a "ringleader" vampire who also has this ancestral blood. Her destiny: to "awaken" Shuuma. In his attempt to flee her clutches, Iris pounces on him to finish the embrace! Luckily, at the very last moment, the keepsake ring given to Shuuma by his mother emits a blinding light that interrupts her vicious attack. Shuuma breaks free and escapes from Iris, but soon realizes something inside him has gone amiss. Could he have become an odd, partially-turned vampire? Now, many girls are entering his life from many directions and complicating the situation. To make matters worse, he is plagued from an overwhelming impulse to suck...
...their blood.​

Game Info

Title: Kyuuketsuki no Libra
Original Title: 吸血姫のリブラ
VNDB: Kyuuketsuki no Libra
Length: Very long (> 50 hours)
Developer: Onomatope*
Translator: MiKandi Japan
Censored: No
Language: English
Genre: Visual Novel, 2DCG, Watersports, Titfuck, Spanking, Multiple Penetration, Defloration, Oral Sex, Handjob, Food Play, Masturbation, Fingering, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Non-blood-related Brother/Sister Incest, Vaginal Sex


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Part 1
Part 2

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "gamename.exe" to start playing.


Choices marked as “Adult Choice” only appear when you have installed the adult patch for your game. These choices only provide CG variations and do not influence the story. What you can do is use the “Back to previous choice” button to rewind and unlock the other option. This is required if you want to unlock all CGs.
Completing the first route with the adult edition unlocked also opens various bonus H scenes in the extras menu option. These include a Harem scene and extra scenes for Iris and Lycoris + Aoi.
Calendula Officianlis (Adult: Unlocks Calen extra H)

* (Adult Choice)
Save slot 1
Follow Calen.
* (Adult Choice)
* (Adult Choice)
* (Adult Choice)
Maritima Malcomia (Adult: Unlocks Mari extra H)

Load slot 1
Go With Mari.
* (Adult Choice)
* (Adult Choice)
* (Adult Choice)
Aoi (Adult: Unlocks Aoi extra H)

Load slot 1
Call up Aoi.
* (Adult Choice)
* (Adult Choice)
Save slot 2
Get Iris’ help.
Lycoris (Adult: Unlocks Lycoris extra H)

Load slot 2
Manage on our own.
Once you finished all of these, make sure to go through the extras menu as well.

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