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Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn others. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng
Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn others. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng

Thứ Bảy, 20 tháng 10, 2018

Princess Quest [Scorpion]

About this game:​

Guide the Princess on her mission through the land of Albia.
She must defeat the Fire Wizard and reverse his spell to awaken Fire Mountain.
She must win the 7 jewels of Albia, which will give her the power of the Dragon Spell - the only way to defeat the wizard.

On the way she will meet with trolls, orcs, dwarves, and other creatures of Albia...​

Game Info

Updated: Jan/13/2017
Developer/Publisher: Scorpion
Censorship: Yes
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows/PC
Language: English
Genre: Female Heroine, Monster, Bestiality, Rape, 3D

Thứ Sáu, 19 tháng 10, 2018

Kuroinu Chapter 1 ~the Dark Elf Queen, Loyal Subject, And Married Holy Knight~ [Liquid]

About this game:​

The plain lands of “Eos” located in west “Serenus.” Seven fortresses located in the northern boundaries of Eos served as the setting for the war between the Alliance and Legion. This conflict, however, was in its final stages with the decline of the Dark Elf queen’s power. Under the High Elf’s calling, the “Seven Shields Alliance” was formed to stand against the Legion. The Alliance issued a request to the group of mercenaries headed by the protagonist, known as the “Black Dogs.” They were to be the vanguard for an all-out-war in order to put an end to this conflict, but… Upon invading the Dark Elf queen’s country, the Black Dogs turned that land into their stronghold and began to invade their former allies’ countries. Panic, shock, indignation, sorrow… After the betrayal, the Black Dogs’ leader issued an unbelievable declaration - the founding of the “Cuntry,” where women are obligated to partake in sexual service for all men. The women of the Alliance would soon learn first-hand that this declaration was neither a lie, nor an exaggeration…

Game Info

Censorship: No
Version: Final
Sequel: Kuroinu Chapter 2 ~The Blowjob Princess Knight, Lustful Young Princess, and Anal Eastern Priestess~
Developer: Liquid
Publishers: MangaGamer
VNDB: Kuroinu ~Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru~
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Voiced, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Rape, Mind Control, Handjob, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Urination, Voyeurism, Monster, Virgin, Bukkake, Multiple Penetration, Slavery, Titfuck, Fantasy, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Lesbian

Thứ Năm, 18 tháng 10, 2018

Orval Creep N' Hammer [D.E. Vane]

About this game:​

You play as Orval Douglass, a creepy loner whose sole mission in life is to seek revenge against four women who didn’t return his feelings back in highschool.
He’s plotted, he’s schemed, he’s built relationships with underground spy networks, all in the pursuit of pussy denied. No longer will he take ‘no’ for an answer, and it’s your job to help him get his dick wet.
Playing the game is simple: Use the magical money-generating machine in Orval’s basement to earn income, use the laptop to buy equipment, and install that equipment into your victims’ homes.
After that, it’s just a matter of waiting for the right evidence to fall into your lap; when it does, you strike! Yeah!
You can do it, Orval! We believe in you!

Game Info

Updated: 9 April 2017
Developer/Publisher: D.E. Vane
Censorship: None
Version: 0.9
OS: Windows / linux
Language: En
Voyeurism, blackmail, creep, toys, poop

Thứ Tư, 17 tháng 10, 2018

Syndrome Of Death [Sweetraspberry]

About this game:​

The protagonist Rise Hisakata is a highschool girl.
When she comes back from a school field trip...
her home town had become a zombie wasteland.
In order to avenge her father, wielding a gun and sword
Rise begins her mission to eradicate the Zombie hordes!

Game Info

Updated: Mar/28/2017
Developer/Publisher: SweetRaspberry
Censorship: Yes
Version: 1.01
OS: Windows/PC
Language: English
Genre: Female Heroine, Monster, Bestiality, Zombie, Insect

Thứ Hai, 15 tháng 10, 2018

Imprison [Alibi]

About this game:​

You were fired and dumped by your girlfriend.
Now you just want to take revenge on the world.
Some innocent women are your targets...

Game Info

Updated: 28 / 3 / 17
Genre: simulation,animation, clothed, foreign object, sexual training, captivity, Collar/Chain/Hamper
Censorship: Yes
Version: Final
Developer / Publisher: Alibi
Platform: Windows
Language: English tiny bit Japanese

Chủ Nhật, 14 tháng 10, 2018

Bishoujo Mangekyou: A Girl's Cursed Legend [wstar]


Onogami Shigehiko, a teacher at an all-girls school, is a man of love - of love towards beautiful young girls - and to this day he has managed to keep this hidden from those around by playing as Mr. Serious.

From the fear of losing his beloved career as a teacher, he has had to abstain from crossing the line with any of his students until now.

...Indeed, until now, until he met Kagarino Kirie, a mysterious girl of stunning beauty - it is this meeting that finally derails him into crossing that line, a line that was better left not crossed.​

Updated: 09/10/2018
Developer/Publisher: wstar
Translator: Euphemic Translatons
VNDB: Bishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo-
Censorship: Mosiacs
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre:2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Virgin, Rape, Femdom, BDSM